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When is Xbox Live coming to Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android? – Dexerto.com

Microsoft have done their best to incorporate cross-platform play into a wide variety of games in the last few years. Now, they may have a plan to take that one step further and make Xbox Live available on a number of other devices.

Utilizing cross-platform play is a difficult thing to do as a number of parties have to agree and the technology has to be available to make it work.

Games like Fortnite and Rocket League have shown the success of allowing games to be cross-platform but Microsoft is perhaps looking to innovate further. Now, taking a massive new step, they’re looking to go beyond just the normal cross-platform play.

How can you use Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android?

Microsoft is releasing a software development kit (SDK) which will allow game developers to integrate Xbox Live into titles across multiple platforms, according to a presentation planned for this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC).

The GDC runs from March 18 through March 22 and the expansion of Xbox Live is set to be one of Microsoft’s headline announcements.

After the conference, we can expect to see more and more games added to the program, as developers utilize the new dev kits. As and when your favorite game will be playable through Xbox Live on your handheld device will somewhat rely on the developer’s own embrace of the new technology from Microsoft.

Will there be Xbox Live cross-play between Xbox, Switch, iOS and Android?

Just because Xbox Live is coming to Switch, iOS and Android, doesn’t necessarily guarantee that cross-platform play will be available for all applicable games. However, it does make it a lot more likely.

Conference attendees will get an early glimpse of the new SDK technology that will open up the world of cross-platform play even further – allowing titles from Xbox to be played on other devices like the Nintendo Switch and an iPhone and vice versa. 

Microsoft have been pushing for more and more cross-play opportunities, even voicing ambitions to pair up players on their rival console, PlayStation 4. With Xbox Live coming to more devices, Microsoft are sure to at least attempt to push more cross-play, which they believe will drive more engagement with players.

Rumours around the next Xbox console release – codename Scarlett – have suggested that a discless version may be on the way, utilizing a cloud-based streaming system to run games instead. 

While it’s not yet confirmed if Microsoft is planning to release a console without the ability to use discs, there may be a demonstration of how it could work at the GDC.