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Lexington libraries offer Android app developer program – Spectrum News 1

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The Lexington Public Library is offering young adults and others a chance to become professional android app developers thanks to a new six-month course. 

What You Need To Know

  • In nearly 6 months, individuals are gaining new career-driven skills and certifications with the help of the library.
  • The library will help provide digital resources like computers, laptops, and more for individuals to use to complete the sessions.  
  • Individuals can earn a career making nearly 80k.

Through its Grow with Google partnership with the global tech company, the Northside Lexington library will help connect those interested in information-technology opportunities, like becoming a certified application developer, to the new program. 

Its purpose is to provide digital resources and skills that can help individuals secure professional positions through a short-term session. 

“One of the rules of the library is to break the digital divide. So part of that is knowing that we are a trusted resource for that and we’re already where people come for technology,” said library Director of Development Communications and Marketing, Anne Donworth. “In many cases, this is another opportunity to learn not just to follow their dreams, but it’s something that they might not have been aware of.”

The Lexington Public Library is giving individuals a chance to earn certifications in professional app development. (Spectrum News 1/Sabriel Metcalf)

The program is a free, self-guided tool that does not require previous experience or a diploma or degree. Donworth said it can help create career options without major financial concerns and or setbacks.

Last September, the Bluegrass Community Foundation’s Lexington Black Prosperity Initiative and its Better Together Grant Project helped fund up to $5,000 toward the new program.

The program focuses on providing content and more for young adults between 16 to 24. Donworth says that even someone younger with an IT interest could follow along. 

“It’s a self-paced thing. My 13-year-old would probably be very capable of it,” Donworth said. “I think it depends on the child and their comfort, comfort with technology, and their skill set.”

Once the program is completed, individuals can sign-up immediately after to take the Google certification exam.