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Genesis Global Releases Multiple Enhancements to Low-Code Software Development Platform – Yahoo Finance

Platform enhancements improve low-code solutions for interface design, data integration and application management

MIAMI, December 01, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Genesis Global, the low-code application development platform purpose-built for financial markets organizations, today announced significant platform enhancements making it faster and easier for software developers to build user interfaces, aggregate and integrate data and manage enterprise applications.

The Genesis platform offers an array of functional, technical and financial business components which enable rapid delivery of applications requiring high-performance transaction processing, event-driven workflows, real-time data integrations and rich, interactive user experiences. It is uniquely suited to help software developers at banks, asset managers, clearing houses, exchanges and other financial organizations build new applications and upgrade legacy systems at speed.

“The Genesis platform helps developers to build robust applications in record time, enabling technologists to accelerate the delivery of innovative software to power the future of trading, risk management, compliance and other critical functions,” said Chris Anderson, Head of Platform Product Management at Genesis Global. “Through continuous enhancements to our platform, we aim to bring high performance engineering through low-code technology to all types of developers in financial markets.”

The platform enhancements (version 2022.3) include:

Refining the developer experience
The platform continues to extend its low-code language to deliver a full-stack low-code experience. The new release brings more customization to the design of user interfaces and more flexible real-time data aggregation capabilities.

Harmonizing and extending data integration
The Genesis platform brings a pipeline concept to data integration. This release makes it easier to create and reuse definitions and configurations for data sources and sinks, enabling an end-to-end, two-way pipeline for streaming data into and out of Genesis applications.

Streamlining enterprise deployments
Genesis is building toward operating within any container orchestration platform. The new release accelerates time to deployment, reduces resource footprint and speeds process restarts for containerized applications.
“The Genesis platform can be used to build any type of pre- or post-trade application for front-, middle- or back-office use cases,” said Richard Drinkwater, Head of Platform Engineering at Genesis Global. “Our latest enhancements improve the developer experience while bringing new capabilities to designing interfaces, integrating streaming data and managing applications.”
Future releases will expand the Genesis offering for generalist software developers, accelerate time to value for new users and support the management of multiple applications throughout the software development lifecycle.

About Genesis Global
Genesis Global provides freedom from legacy and replaces the buy versus build challenge with a buy-to-build solution. Purpose-built for financial markets organizations, the Genesis low-code platform powers application development with the speed, performance and flexibility these organizations need to gain a sustained competitive edge. With highly composable and customizable components, development teams can accelerate innovation today while scaling for tomorrow.

Whether it’s extending the capabilities of legacy applications or building brand new apps or platforms, Genesis supercharges developers with reusable components, dev tools and documentation. Built with modern technologies and an event-driven architecture, the platform can handle the performance and scalability needs of the world’s premier financial markets institutions.

Strategically backed by Bank of America, BNY Mellon and Citi, Genesis Global has offices in Miami, New York, Charlotte, London, Leeds, São Paulo, Dublin and Bengaluru.

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