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Essential Tips for Managing a Software Development Team Covered in the New Article by Intetics – PR Web

Essential Tips for Managing a Software Development Team

The new article contains valuable tips for the most common challenges in project management:
· Peculiarities of managing a software development team with project management software;
· Leading and Managing a Remote Development Team;
· Managing a software development team without technical experience.

The right software makes managing a software development team much less challenging. The article has tips on how to manage a software development team with project management software. But things get more complex in the case of a remote team. This situation is common nowadays, as more and more businesses deliver their tasks to remote vendors.

As software development outsourcing is rising, managers should master various remote-control practices. At least, it is what we, a company with significant experience in remote work, do. So, here are numerous vital insights for people managing a software development team remotely.

Focusing on Developers’ Reliability
So, this part is the most crucial for managing remote software development projects. One may be a perfect manager, but if they’re working with irresponsible team members, there will likely be problems. So, the first and most crucial step in remote projects is to find the right people for a team. Work with tried and trusted partners, rely on credible recommendations, set three-level interviews, or do anything that may help to find responsible team members.

Intetics recommends relying on dedicated teams where all professionals know each other and often have solid experience working together.

Adjustment to Subordinates’ Time Zones
The subordinates may live in different time zones, and it creates challenges. If the time zones are very different, making a meeting schedule that fits the Project Manager and team members is challenging. Everyone needs to adapt and adjust their plan to the needs of their colleagues.
Plan recurring team meetings during specific hours that fit all team members. It’s also not necessary to be too focused on making a compromise. Scheduling an appointment at 3 AM because it works for a colleague with a 12-hour time zone difference is not the best idea.

Practicing Tried and Trusted Methodologies
Many project methodologies perfectly fit the cases where one should manage a software development project remotely. These methodologies have been developed, considering offshoring and nearshoring to fit any remote project.
A good example is Agile methodology. In this case, all project tasks will be completed in sprints and repetitive iterations. This approach keeps the Project Manager constantly updated on the project. And it allows for rolling back the progress if there are issues with sprint results.

The key benefit is that one shouldn’t start the project phase from the very start. Instead, going only two weeks back is enough. Besides, control and flexibility are the features that make Agile a perfect solution for remote management.

These were a few essential tips for the most common software development team management challenges in software development. Intetics built these insights based on years of professional experience.

Find the complete list in the article, originally published at intetics.com.

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