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Valvoline’s™ global products business launches proprietary fixed … – PR Newswire

LEXINGTON, Ky., Jan. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Valvoline’s global products business today launched a fixed-operations software service at the 2023 National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Show.

The software, branded as Vision Service Lane Technology, is available to Valvoline automotive dealership partners exclusively.

Vision is one of the industry’s most comprehensive fixed-ops software tools, leveraging relationships with partners to understand their pain points and missing opportunities in their current software. Utilized in the service drive or at the service desk, Vision helps advisors develop rapport, trust, and accountability with consumers. Vision’s ability to provide a tailored, VIN-specific menu of services provides a platform to increase revenue in the service department.

In addition to service lane capabilities, Vision can be utilized to run day-to-day operations within the service department while keeping consumers informed every step of the way.

Vision includes newly developed remarketing capabilities that serve up ads, messages, and reminders to keep consumers returning to dealerships for future services. In addition, Vision offers tools that can help speed up and streamline the reconditioning process for pre-owned vehicles.

“We’re always looking for new ways to bring value and strengthen our partnership with dealerships. Vision does that by providing cutting-edge technology they can use to help increase revenue in the service lane, streamline their operations and communications, and deliver an open, transparent experience for their consumers,” said Bradley Stuck, Dealership Platform Manager.

Unlike other fixed ops software in the marketplace, Vision will only be available to dealerships that purchase Valvoline product. This strategy showcases the business’s dedication to helping automotive dealership partners increase consumer loyalty and service department revenue.

“Vision’s exclusivity and capabilities showcase our desire to not only be a lubricant provider but also a true partner in every sense of the word,” said Kellye Wicker, Sr. Director of Installer Channel Marketing.

“We have so much more to offer than motor oil. For decades, we’ve provided our dealerships with great business solutions, dealer programs, and world-class products,” said Stuck. “Now Vision is a game-changer. We’re able to offer our partners a tool created to improve their service department performance by helping to sell more, to do more, and improve their bottom line.”  

Valvoline, Inc., as previously announced, has reached an agreement to sell its global products business. The sale is anticipated to close in early 2023.

About Valvoline’s global products business

Valvoline’s global products business is a worldwide leader in automotive and industrial solutions, creating future-ready products and best-in-class services for partners around the globe. Established in 1866, the company introduced the world’s first branded motor oil and developed strong brand recognition and customer satisfaction ratings across multiple product channels. With sales in more than 140 countries and territories, solutions from Valvoline’s global products business are available for every engine and drivetrain, including high-mileage and heavy-duty vehicles, offered at more than 80,000 locations. Valvoline’s global products business is powering the future of mobility through innovative solutions for vehicles with electric, hybrid and internal combustion powertrains – and the company will continue to solve for global automotive and industrial challenges as they move forward. To learn more, visit Valvoline.com.

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