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Turkish defense company to develop software for NATO – Türkiye … – Hurriyet Daily News


Turkish defense company to develop software for NATO

A Turkish defense company STM has won two NATO tenders to develop software for an information flow system.

STM stated that the tenders are related to the projects of the NATO Communications and Information Agency’s project for the direction, collection, processing, and dissemination of intelligence.

“As a result of the price and technical competence evaluation, NATO Communication and Information Agency preferred STM for two projects in the tender opened among NATO member countries and attended by the world’s leading software companies,” the company said.

Following the technical and administrative negotiations, a contract was signed between STM and the agency.

It was reported that all NATO Commands and bases will conduct their intelligence flows through the software which STM will develop and modernize.

The project, which will modernize NATO’s intelligence infrastructure, is planned to be completed in nearly three and a half years.

Özgür Güleryüz, general manager of the company, stated that they have achieved quite an important export success in the field of software for the country.

Reminding that STM has already a longstanding working relationship with NATO, Güleryüz said, “Now, with our competence in software development, we will enable the technological transformation of NATO’s intelligence structure.”

“With the INTEL-FS project, which we will carry out as a management information system, NATO Commands will access all kinds of intelligence data with modern interfaces that give importance to user experience,” Güleryüz noted.

While the entire project will be carried out by Turkish engineers, a team of about 100 experts has started working on the project, he pointed out.

“In one part of the project, we will develop ‘back-end’ services that provide the ability to direct, collection, process, distribute and use intelligence information.”

“In the other part, we will work on the development of modern user interfaces with state-of-the-art technology,” Güleryüz expressed.

INTEL-FS will also be an essential integration project that brings different software together, Güleryüz noted.

“With the software, we have started to develop, we will provide a reliable and business continuity-focused system to NATO’s intelligence infrastructure,” he said.