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Training in Mobile Design and Development Opens Doors for High-Paying, In-Demand Jobs – Northwest Herald

If you can’t live without your smart phone, you’re not alone. The average person spends about three hours on their phone each day checking social media, watching videos, ordering food, reading the news, and more. And the number of ways we rely on our phones is only increasing.

Last year, more than 25% of all e-commerce transactions were conducted on a mobile device. Retailers and other companies have taken notice of this trend and recognize the importance of optimizing their mobile experience.

“Businesses are always looking for the best ways to engage with their customers,” said Bill Skrzypczak, a programming instructor at McHenry County College (MCC). “The increasing demand for mobile-friendly online experiences has made mobile design one of the most sought-after skills by employers today. Companies are actively looking for people who have the training to jump right in and help them mobilize their current websites, develop applications, and make them social media ready.”

MCC’s AAS degree in Mobile Design and Development provides a comprehensive education for students looking to enter the field of software and web development. No prior experience is necessary to enroll, and the program can be a great option for people looking retrain or change careers.

“We use a lot of critical-thinking exercises, hands-on presentations, and real-world experience to help students develop the technical and soft skills employers are looking for,” said Skrzypczak. “Our labs run the latest software for both Android and iOS devices, so students receive dynamic training using the technology they’ll apply in future jobs.”

Students can also start by earning a certificate in Android Development, iOS Development, or Programming Fundamentals and apply those credits toward the AAS in Mobile Design and Development.

For more information about MCC’s Mobile Design and Development program, visit www.mchenry.edu/appdev.

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