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The Best HR Software of 2021 – business.com – Business.com

BambooHR does not list their pricing online; BambooHR will work with you to come up with a customized quote. Your costs hinge on the number of employees you have, what type of HR functionalities you want access to and how soon you want to implement the software.

According to some user reviews, BambooHR’s software is more expensive compared to other HR platforms, however, those same users say the features are well worth the cost. BambooHR offers an online demo and a seven-day free trial.


BambooHR has two HR software plans: Essentials and Advantage. For this review, we evaluated the Advantage plan, as it is more comprehensive. With either plan, users have the option to add on advanced HR features like payroll, time tracking and performance management. Here’s more about BambooHR’s features:

  • Administration: BambooHR plans come with essential HR capabilities like employee records tracking, HR document storage and employee self-service. BambooHR is not an employee benefits broker, but it can connect you with one, and once your benefits are set up, it can help track and manage them. Companies add TRAXPayroll, which as part of its payroll solution, offers help with tax filings and end-of-year tax forms. Users can also add time tracking, which opens up features like daily time entry, employee timesheets, automatic overtime calculations, approval workflow and payroll reports.
  • Employee management: BambooHR helps you manage employees from recruitment to offboarding. With the software, you can post and track job openings and distribute them via social media and your website’s career page, which makes recruiting easier for busy hiring managers and business owners. Using the software, you can review and rate candidates, send emails and track the status of candidates, send offer letters and new hire packets, and onboard with e-signature capabilities.

    BambooHR’s performance management capabilities are an add-on; they aren’t included with either the Essentials or Advantage plan. With the add-on, you can create and monitor employee goals, elicit peer feedback, and perform self and manager assessments. You also have access to employee and company performance reports. These are essential in managing employee performance and not something that all of BambooHR’s competitors offer.

  • Legal compliance: Each plan gives users access to workflows and approvals. Automating certain processes helps your business comply with certain federal and state laws and regulations. With BambooHR, you can create custom access levels, which protects employees’ privacy and ensures that only team members with the appropriate level of authority can view HR information relevant to them. An essential, but somewhat unique compliance feature BambooHR offers is its audit trail function. This features tracks each change that a member of your company has made to the system.
  • Reporting and analytics: The software comes with varying levels of reporting, depending on your plan type. Advantage plans give you access to custom reports.

Ease of Use

One of BambooHR’s standout features is its usability. The web-based platform means any of your team can access the software from any device, including smartphones and tablets. The dashboard is user-friendly and doesn’t require a lot of training to understand the features. However, BambooHR offers several online videos that break down each feature and function for those who would prefer an online tutorial.

To make the platform even easier to use, BambooHR’s open API lets businesses integrate other applications into the software. Additionally, BambooHR’s marketplace offers various other HR solutions and customizable third-party development options.

Customer Support

Users can turn to BambooHR’s blogs, library, webinars, HR glossary, and HR crisis recovery platform for additional help regarding any HR issue or question they have. The company has also provided several demo videos that explain the software’s features in detail.

If you do have a question or concern and prefer to speak with a BambooHR representative, you can call the company, email them, or there’s a contact form on the website that will relay your message to the right person. As part of our evaluation, we reached out to BambooHR a few times, posing as a small business owner interested in purchasing HR software. In our interactions with their reps, we were pleased with their support and their thorough answers to our questions.