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Samsung’s Android 12 update is coming: the software is almost ready – DodoFinance

We won’t have to wait long for Samsung’s Android 12 update. It looks like the company will roll out the new Android version for the Galaxy S21 soon.

Read on after the announcement.

Samsung Android 12 update almost complete

Android 12 has been available for several weeks now, but only for Google Pixel smartphones. That will change soon, as Samsung has completed Android 12 development for the Galaxy s21, Galaxy s21 plus to Galaxy S21 Ultra almost finished. This would mean that users of these devices can almost update to the latest version of Android.

A Samsung employee said on the manufacturer’s forum that no beta updates will be released. Recently, Samsung has offered different test versions to prepare the update for the general public. Instead, Samsung will now fix bugs in the most recent beta, after which the update should be ready for everyone.

It is still not clear when Samsung S21 users can download the Android 12 update. However, the new software is expected to be released before the end of the year. Last year the Galaxy s20 (then the main Samsung device) an update to. early December Android 11. Maybe Android 12 for the S21 will appear this month as well.

New in Android 12

Android 12 brings a lot of innovations and is a much bigger update than its predecessors. This is mainly due to the new design: Material You. Android’s appearance is more colorful and personalized as it is personalized according to the wallpaper you set. You’ll see the most important colors everywhere: from settings to app icons and Google apps.

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