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Netsuite Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More – Forbes Advisor – Forbes

NetSuite’s core ERP platform includes accounting, inventory management, order management and tax management. However, there is no shortage of modules you can choose from to completely customize your experience. These include payroll, HR, performance management SuiteCommerce, demand planning, manufacturing, fixed assets management and contract renewals.

Speaking of customization, NetSuite’s SuiteCloud customization features let you tailor the platform to meet your business needs and preferences with ease. You can create your own user interfaces, create and share branded documents, integrate with outside applications and more.

In addition, NetSuite comes with robust reporting capabilities. Thanks to its built-in reporting tools, you’ll be able to pull reports on just about anything you’d like. There are also role-based dashboards that can help your employees and management team make smart, data-driven decisions.

If you subscribe to NetSuite, you’ll pay an annual license fee, which allows your business to use the core platform, choose the number of users and add on modules as you see fit. As your business grows, you can add more users and modules to meet your new needs.

In addition to the annual license fee, NetSuite will charge you a one-time implementation fee to get your software up and running. The company doesn’t disclose its pricing upfront and asks that you schedule a consultation to get a quote for your unique business.