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10 Best Heatmap Software Tools for Your Business – CIO Insight


Inspectlet offers eye-tracking heatmap capabilities, as well as the standard click and scroll heatmap features. Session filters provide information on visit duration and navigation path to web pages. This product is designed to work with Google Analytics to help businesses track what visitors are doing on their websites.

Other key features are filters that can provide more granular data, conversion funnels to track a website visitor’s movements toward making a purchase, and JavaScript tagging that allows you to filter on specific user data. Inspectlet’s pricing tiers are free, Micro ($39), Startup ($79), Growth ($149), Accelerate ($299), and Enterprise ($499), charged monthly.

To use the website engagement feature, you need to use Google Analytics, and Google Analytics 360 is priced at $150,000 per year for the premium package. However, Google Analytics has tier-based pricing and the standard version is free. The higher tiers of Inspectlet are expensive, and it is not commensurate with what is offered in those tiers, according to reviews. Customization can also be time consuming.